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Tempest USB Mic, Now $79.99

It has restored my faith in what a USB condenser mic can accomplish.


The brand has one aim: to deliver the best quality pro audio to content creators in an affordable and uncomplicated way.

- Forbes

There’s a new player in USB microphones, and it’s one with a pretty solid pedigree.

- Wired

Buy the 512 Audio Tempest. Just buy it. It has everything a content creator needs and won’t break the bank.

- Techaeris

I was thoroughly impressed with the whole package. 512 Audios’ promise of professional quality gear stands true.


The Tempest also offers a larger, 34mm capsule, for those that want a more responsive sound.

- Engadget

Everything about the design and build of the Tempest projects brilliance.



Check It Out

  • True Large Diaphragm Studio Mic
  • Designed For Voice, Vocals and Instruments
  • Real Studio Sound
  • Cardioid Pickup Pattern
  • Direct USB-C Connection
  • 24-bit, 48kHz Resolution
  • 360° swivel mic mount and Shockmount
  • Vintage-Inspired Studio Design

The Studio, Simplified

Tempest delivers tight lows, nuanced midrange and pristine high end with a full 20Hz - 20kHz frequency response. From pristine streams and rich podcasts to stellar vocal performances, Tempest captures every detail with the richness and depth you’d expect from a studio microphone.

Streamlining the home recording setup, Tempest allows creators to professionally record and stream straight to their PC or Mac with modern USB-C connectivity, no additional audio interface or studio hardware required.

Professional Engineering, Modern Connectivity

At the center of the Tempest design is a true, large diaphragm, vintage-inspired 34mm gold-plated condenser capsule that shares design DNA with the best-selling WA-47Jr. mic from Warm Audio. With 24-bit, 48kHz resolution capabilities, Tempest captures high-fidelity audio with exceptional clarity and detail for modern hi-res recording.

Combining premium, professional components and decades of microphone design experience with modern USB-C connectivity, Tempest levels up the sound of your streams and recordings right out of the box.

Image of Tempest
512 Audio is built on the Warm Audio legacy.


Built on legacy:512 Audio is built on the professional legacy of vintage-inspired Warm Audio. Headquartered in Austin, TX, where creativity and innovation collide, our mission is to build professional gear for every creator who has something to say.

Ready to make any source the star

Tempest lets any source you put in front of it come through loud and clear. Whether it’s voiceover, vocals, or a singer with their guitar, the fixed cardioid pickup pattern captures what’s in front of the mic and rejects surrounding ambient noise.


Studio Essentials

Durable Hard Mount Achieve perfect placement on a mic stand or boom arm with minimal space and less weight.

Shockmount protection Tempest’s durable, low-profile professional shockmount reduces unwanted vibrations and rumble for pristine recording.

Hear It

Male Vocal


Tech Specs


Capsule Size:34mm Large Diaphragm Gold-Plated Capsule
Polar Pattern:Cardioid
Microphone Gain:45dB max
Direct Monitoring:Zero Latency
Headphone Connection:3.5mm Stereo
Software/Drivers:Native Support in Windows 10 and Mac OS (Mojave or higher)
Included Accessories:Premium Desktop Stand, hardmount and shockmount (for mounting on a Boom Arm) and USB Cable
Included with Tempest


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