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The brand has one aim: to deliver the best quality pro audio to content creators in an affordable and uncomplicated way.

- Forbes

an ideal choice for podcasters and streamers.

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The sound straight out of the box is rich and close.

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Great choice for getting natural and rich-sounding audio for your streams and other voice recordings.

Compared to the Rode NT-USB Mini and the Rode Wireless Go II, the Limelight did the best job at minimizing the amount of fan noise picked up.

The combination of the Limelight mic and the new boom arm makes a great starter kit for anyone starting up a podcast or existing podcasters who just can’t get their sound right

- Forbes

If you like that broadcaster sound profile, you'll love this.


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  • Custom-tuned for voice
  • Smooth & rich broadcast-quality audio
  • Captures voice without room noise
  • Built-in pop shield
  • Low frequency filter switch
  • XLR cable connection
  • 360 swivel mic mount
  • Modern design

Your voice. Your words. Create a clearer connection.

Limelight is precision-tuned to focus on the frequencies that capture the richness of voice and speech so your audience can enjoy your talk-focused content with the clarity you’d expect from a world-class broadcast facility.

Step up to Limelight and you’ll immediately hear the difference — and your audience will too.

Hear What You Don't See

Designed by an expert team of engineers, Limelight combines a modern circuit with a professional dynamic capsule to produce smooth, clear broadcast audio.

Limelight features a tailor-made frequency response of 50Hz - 20kHz, sculpted for close-range vocal frequencies and designed to reduce the noise.

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Step Up To The Mic


More Voice. Less Noise.

More voice. less noise. With a hyper-focused pickup pattern that’s nearly 20% narrower than a standard cardioid microphone, Limelight captures your voice while rejecting unwanted room noise around you.


Make The Most of Your Voice

No pops. Built-in pop shield blocks intrusive plosives, like ppp’s, bbb’s, and fff’s, for an uncompromised sound and less audio cleanup in post.

No low-end rumble. User-switchable low-frequency filter prevents unwanted noise and low-end rumble, for more control over your sound.

360° swivel mount. Achieve perfect placement on a mic stand or boom arm.

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Male Vocal


Tech Specs


Capsule Type:Dynamic
Capsule Size:28mm
Polar Pattern:Hypercardioid
Frequency Range:50Hz - 15Hz
High Pass Filter:100Hz (12dB per octave)
Sensitivity:-54dB 13dB (0dB =1V/Pa at 1kHz)
Impedance:600 ohm
Max SPL:138dB
Weight:0.84 lbs (379g)
Dimensions:6.59in x 2.39in (167.5mm x 60.8mm)
Included Accessories:Adjustable Swivel Mount & Protective Carry Bag