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The brand has one aim: to deliver the best quality pro audio to content creators in an affordable and uncomplicated way.

- Forbes

the best condenser vocal microphone we’ve tried in 2021


It makes voices sound full-bodied so it’s a fine choice for recording podcasts and voiceovers.

- MusicTech

Overall, the switch from a USB Blue microphone to the 512 Audio Skylight offers a significant upgrade to upgrade to my voice quality.

- Mighty Gadget

There’s a deep richness in its sound, and we were able to detect a lot of detail in our vocal recordings that give listeners the sensation that they’re in the same room.


This great-sounding, sturdily built mic can cover a wide range of tasks, standing up easily against the competition in this price bracket.

- MusicTech

The 512 Audio Skylight is an excellent XLR microphone that is ideal for podcasting and streaming, delivering an extremely clean, warm sound. It is built like a tank and looks outstanding.

- Mighty Gadget

If you’re planning on doing a lot of voice work in 2022, or want to seriously impress coworkers and clients on your next video call, 512 Audio’s Skylight is an obvious choice.


The microphone offers a smooth sound profile with low-end emphasis, which works well for speech, making things sound full-bodied.

- Mighty Gadget

While 512’s Skylight is an investment, we feel like it’s one that’s certainly worth making, and it’s honestly an excellent value given its overall performance.



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  • Designed For Speech and Singing
  • Large 34mm gold-plated condenser capsule
  • Cardioid Pickup Pattern
  • Custom metal mesh pop filter
  • Low-profile shockmount
  • Professional XLR connection

The Sound of something special

From warm lows to natural midrange and a sculpted 5k high end boost, Skylight captures every nuance in your voice with the richness and warmth you’d expect from a professional microphone.

Every aspect of Skylight’s design has been architected to produce smooth, polished audio across the audible spectrum.

Professional pedigree.
Inside and out.

At the heart of Skylight is our large, classic-inspired 34mm gold-plated condenser capsule.

Integrating premium, professional components and proven circuit designs found in elite microphones, Skylight is built to reduce noise so that your voice shines through in the mix.

Image of Skylight

Your voice. Front and center.

Skylight lets your voice come through loud and clear. The fixed cardioid pickup pattern captures what’s in front of the mic and rejects surrounding ambient noise.


Effortlessly Exceptional

Custom Pop Filter. Capture cleaner audio with Skylight’s custom-fitted, metal mesh pop filter. Easily tame distracting plosives created from “ppp”, “fff”, and “sss” sounds.

Shockmount protection. Skylight’s durable, low-profile professional shockmount reduces unwanted vibrations and rumble for pristine recording.

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Male Vocal


Tech Specs


Capsule Type:Condenser
Capsule Size:34mm Gold plated large diaphragm
Polar Pattern:Cardioid
Frequency Range:20Hz - 20kHz
Sensitivity:-42dB +3dB (0dB =1V/Pa at 1kHz)
Impedance:200 ohm
Max SPL:144dB
Weight:2.20 lbs (1kg)
Dimensions:7.87in x 2.18in (202mm x 55.5mm)
Included Accessories:Shock Mount, Pop Filter, Carry Bag
Included with Skylight