Sound Waves
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The brand has one aim: to deliver the best quality pro audio to content creators in an affordable and uncomplicated way.

- Forbes


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  • Prevents plosives or “pop” sounds
  • Metal mesh design
  • Flexible, sturdy gooseneck
  • Adjustable swivel c-clamp
  • Perfect for close-range speech or singing
  • Fits any boom arm or desk stand

Cleaner sound.

The 512-Pop prevents intrusive pops and plosives caused by bursts of air from “ppp”, “fff”, and “sss” sounds.

You’ll save time and energy by avoiding post-production hassles and livestream concerns to deliver clearer sound.

Superior protection.

The 512-Pop features an elegant metal mesh filter that more effectively disperses pops and plosives from speech and vocals compared to ordinary nylon pop filters.

And with its flexible yet sturdy gooseneck, you’ll easily find the perfect placement that reliably stays in place.

Image of 512-Pop

Additional Features

Attaches easily. Adjustable swivel c-clamp ensures a secure grip and attaches securely to any mic stand, boom arm, or custom desk stand.

Perfect placement. Flexible gooseneck enables easy set-and-forget placement.